Welcome to NorthCoast Collection Jewelry's Blog!

Welcome to the inaugural blog for NorthCoast Collection Jewelry

Today I would like to start acquainting you with who we are and what exactly NorthCoast Collection Jewelry is all about. 

The main characters are designer Paul Wagner and manufacturer Jeff McKenzie. Paul is the artistic force behind all the original designs in the line. His background artistically, before he started designing jewelry, was mostly in wood carving which translates very nicely to wax carving for jewelry, everything just has to be scaled down to jewelry size and handled a little more delicately. His jewelry designs are miniature sculptures of amazing quality and detail. 

NorthCoast Collection Jewelry came about in 1993 when Paul asked Jeff to cast his wedding ring design. Jeff thought it was an amazing ring and that the potential was there to create a line of jewelry with similar other designs. Since that initial design, over 100 original jewelry designs have been created. 

In future posts, we will explore who Jeff is and find out a little about his background. Also we will explain the process  of how we manufacture our jewelry and what some of the meanings and inspirations are for the designs. I will also attempt to keep you up to date on current jewelry trends and what the heck is going on with gold and other precious metals. 

I look forward to our future together.

  1. Welcome-to-NorthCoast-Collection-Jewelry-s-Blog
    03/22/2012 at 03:59:04 AM
    Love your creations!
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