About Us

NorthCoast Collection: A Collaboration of Artist and Craftsman

The search for a unique wedding band prompted Paul J. Wagner to carve a wax model of his own design and ask Jeff McKenzie to cast and finish it.  This first collaboration became a partnership that has continued to grow since 1993.
Since that first ring, the two have created over 125 styles.  The artistic design for the NorthCoast Collection is Paul's contribution, with inspiration drawn from the shapes and themes of earth and sea.  His aesthetic sensibility and artistry combine with Jeff's experience as a jeweler and gemologist to bring these designs to life in solid gold and sterling silver.

Paul J. Wagner

Paul is a talented carver and designer who works in wood, fossil ivory and other materials.  He brings the eye of a sculptor to lines and forms of the wax carvings for the NorthCoast Collection.  He hopes to share the interconnectedness and beauty of the natural world through these lovely artworks which are a pleasure to wear and touch.

Jeff McKenzie

Jeff, owner of McKenzie Jewerly Manufacturing, has over 25 years experience in jewelry design and fabrication.  A graduate gemologist, Jeff's skills as a goldsmith are demonstrated by the quality of every piece.

A long-time business owner in Olympia, Washington, Jeff is sensitive to the needs of his customers.  His honesty and integrity is well known throughout the industry.  References available upon request.